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Bill C-377 Targets Organized Labour!

What is Bill C-377?

This is a direct attack on your Union by the Federal Conservatives!

Conservative MP Russ Hiebert, introduced Bill C- 377, which aims to amend the rules governing all labour organizations under the Income Tax Act. Under the proposed changes to the Act, which currently exempts unions from paying taxes, our Local Union could be denied tax-exempt status if it failed to comply with the new law. Your federal income tax deduction for your union dues would be gone. Bill C-377 represents a real threat to trade unions and their ability to function effectively. A penalty of $1000.00 per day for each infraction of the reporting requirements, is also included in the bill.

What does Bill C-377 require unions to do?

The Bill requires every labour organization and every labour trust to file a "public information return" within six months at the end of each fiscal period. Failure to comply with the proposed disclosure and reporting requirements would invite the hefty financial penalty referred to above.

The information to be filed include:

  • A set of financial statements showing liabilities, income and expenditures for the fiscal period.
  • A set of statements for the fiscal period setting out all transactions and disbursements over $5,000. These statements would also have to include the name and address of the payer and payee, the purpose and description of the transaction, and the specific amount paid or received. The pension you will receive, will have to be disclosed and be made public knowlege.

The Bill contemplates a series of specific types of expenditures which must be disclosed which include but not limited to:

  1. A statement of disbursements and any kind of consideration provided to officers, directors, trustees, employees and contractors;
  2. A statement of disbursements made in relation to labour relations, organizing and collective bargaining activities;
  3. A statement pertaining to the costs related to political activities and lobbying;
  4. A statement of disbursements on legal activities;
  5. A statement setting out all labour relations expenditures and all non-labour relations expenditures, including relative amounts of salaries paid to officers and employees;
  6. A statement including all Education efforts of any kind, including schools, seminars, training and apprenticeship;

If passed, Bill C-377 will require that the disclosed information be made publicly available by the Minister, unlike information which is currently filed with the tax authority. This would require unions to follow rules for financial disclosure that would be much more onerous, costly and time consuming than comparable rules for other institutions and organizations in Canadian society, like corporations, registered charities or even government itself.

Current Status of Bill C-377

You can download the pdf version of Bill C-377 for your reference. Download this file to get informed.

Bill C-377 has passed second reading in Parliament, and now has been defered to Committee! Third reading, the final stage of debate before a bill can become law, is scheduled for mid-March. All indications are that the Harper government is supportive of Bill C-377. Since winning their majority in May 2011, the Conservative Government has paved the way for this bill by helping its sponsor, Conservative MP Russ Hiebert, overcome obstacles erected by the NDP Official Opposition.

First Reading

Introduction of the Bill C-377: December 5, 2010

Second Reading

Debate transcript of Bill C-377: February 6, 2012

Debate transcript of  Bill C-377:  March 13, 2012

Vote on the Second Reading: March 14, 2012 (not good)

Your Immediate Attention is Required!

What you can do..

We need to inform and mobilize our membership to let the government know that this Bill is bad for our business, bad for our industry and bad for the economy.

  1. Talk about this Bill at your membership meetings. Let our Brothers and Sisters know that this is happening.
  2. Go to the web address www.workersbuildcanada.ca and send an email to your MP. It takes only a minute, cost you nothing and will be extremely helpful.
  3. Read the "Myths and Facts" link on the www.workersbuildcanada.ca site.

Using the web portal is simple:

  1. Go to the site www.workersbuildcanada.ca
  2. Click on "Email your MP"
  3. Register on the site (the information is CONFIDENTIAL)
  4. Check your email inbox; you will find an email asking you to confirm your registration
  5. Click on the link provided to confirm your registration
  6. Return to the home page on the website
  7. Click on 'email your MP' again; this will display the text of the letter you are going to send.
  8. Scroll down, click 'send'

A confirmation email of message sent will arrive into your email inbox.

Spread the Word Brothers and Sisters... Act Now!

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