IBEW Local 586
1178 Rainbow Street
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
K1J 6X7
Tel: (613)-741-5664
Fax: (613)-741-4789



What we're all about as a union...Fairness, Equality, Pride."

Bert Olmstead, Journeyman,
Local 586, Ottawa

It's a win-win situation."

Bob Sanscartier. Contractor,
Bolton Electric, Ottawa

Everybody's treated the same, everybody's treated equal."

Kurt Metz, Dispatcher
Local 586, Ottawa

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Political and Legislative Role

IBEW Local 586 Ottawa is designed to represent the interests of its members. As such, we work very closely with government officials to stay abreast of the latestdevelopments that directly affect electrical workers and registered apprentices. Because of our strong relationship with those in government, we are also able to express our concerns, needs, and required benefits that will help to strengthen the future of our industry.

For years, IBEW Local 586 Ottawa has focused on enhancing the electrical industry by educating politicians and bureaucrats about what’s happening day-to-day in the industry. We have established an open dialogue with government officials on a frequent basis, to ensure that all our members remain informed on the most poignant information.

As an electrical union, we’re required to communicate with government officials to establish policies and legislations that will help to secure a better future for everyone in our industry.

Members and contractors expect exceptional representation from IBEW Local 586 Ottawa, and our positive relationship with government has long helped to solidify a mutually beneficial union for all parties.

You can trust that IBEW Local 586 Ottawa is working to secure your future by leading the charge. To learn more about IBEW Local 586 Ottawa, what it means to members, and how it can strengthen your professional career, contact us.

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