IBEW Local 586
1178 Rainbow Street
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
K1J 6X7
Tel: (613)-741-5664
Fax: (613)-741-4789



What we're all about as a union...Fairness, Equality, Pride."

Bert Olmstead, Journeyman,
Local 586, Ottawa

It's a win-win situation."

Bob Sanscartier. Contractor,
Bolton Electric, Ottawa

Everybody's treated the same, everybody's treated equal."

Kurt Metz, Dispatcher
Local 586, Ottawa

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Contractors’ Information

Contractors' Testimonial VideoDetermined, cooperative, helpful, supportive, progressive, and successful – these are but a few words to best describe the IBEW Local 586 Ottawa.

IBEW Local 586 Ottawa is the only electrical union in the province that is committed to and guarantees a strict policy of no strikes and no lock-outs to its members and their employers.

We work diligently to provide a stronger union between electricians, contractors, and government. We are committed to continually growing and bettering the electrical industry in Ontario.

Why do contractors work with the IBEW?

Contractors choose to partner with IBEW Local 586 Ottawa to make sure the job gets done well and on time. We provide a skilled workforce that is second to none.

James Barry, Business Manager and Financial Secretary of IBEW Local 586, and his staff are committed to professionalism and providing contractors with 100% transparency with all important aspects of the organization’s dealings.

We work with contractors to better their business by providing reliable workers who are focused on getting the job done on time, on budget, and completed properly.

At IBEW Local 586 Ottawa, we’re open for business! We’re a strong, active group looking to shape the future of the electrical industry to benefit all those involved.

It’s our promise to contractors that we will make your business successful, if given the opportunity. Our record speaks for itself.

To learn more about IBEW Local 586 Ottawa, what it means for contractors, contact us.

Do you have more questions? Be sure to visit our frequently asked questions section to get the answers you need.

IBEW Local 586 Ottawa is dedicated to providing a skilled workforce that will shape the future of the electrical industry in Ontario.