IBEW Local 586
1178 Rainbow Street
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
K1J 6X7
Tel: (613)-741-5664
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What we're all about as a union...Fairness, Equality, Pride."

Bert Olmstead, Journeyman,
Local 586, Ottawa

It's a win-win situation."

Bob Sanscartier. Contractor,
Bolton Electric, Ottawa

Everybody's treated the same, everybody's treated equal."

Kurt Metz, Dispatcher
Local 586, Ottawa

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Below is a list of frequently asked questions posed to IBEW Local 586 Ottawa from local contractors when considering a partnership with IBEW.

1. How do I become a unionized contractor?

If you have over 50% support among your staff, and each individual signs a union certification card, your business will be automatically certified by the Ontario Labour Relations Board. Contact us to learn more.

2. What do I do once I have become a unionized contractor?

Once your labour force has been certified, local 586 leadership will work with you to update your compensation administration. During this process, IBEW will work with you to answer all of your questions, resolve any immediate concerns, and discuss how leveraging the benefits of an IBEW workforce will allow you to grow your business.

3. Do I have to pay fees to the IBEW?

No. Unlike other organizations, there is no cost for contractors who partner with the IBEW. Your sole obligation is to oblige by the collectively bargained agreement between the Union and your fellow Unionized contractors.

4. Am I responsible for handling pension and benefits administration?

No. IBEW staff manage the tracking of all pension and benefits for members. Unionized contractors are only responsible for submitting a payroll report and program funding as required by the collective agreement.

5. I have a large job in Eastern Ontario and need a workforce immediately. What do I do?

IBEW Local 586 can provide electricians needed to complete large projects, or perform specific electrical skills on complex worksites. Please contact us to find out more about our workforce solutions.

6. How many electricians do I need on staff before becoming a unionized contractor?

There is no minimum requirement for size of staff. Whether you have one electrician on staff or a 100+, we can partner with you.

7. Can I advertise that I am a Union Contractor?

Absolutely. All unionized contractors can indicate that they provide highly skilled, IBEW certified electricians. Further, as a partner with IBEW, you will receive the benefit of IBEW advertising that informs the market on the benefits of hiring IBEW contractors.

8. Do I have a say in wage negotiations?

Every contractor regardless of size has a voice in determining the contractor negotiation team.

9. What happens during a workforce strike or lockout?

The IBEW maintains a no strike – no lockout policy. Therefore you will never have to worry about workforce stoppages.

10. Do I have to pay for employee training?

IBEW pays for all courses that are offered through the Education Department of the IBEW Local 586 Ottawa. This training ensures that your employees are kept up-to-date on current code and safety issues. For a list of upcoming courses, please visit our training section.

To learn more about becoming a unionized IBEW contractor, what it means to your workforce, and how it can strengthen your business, contact us.