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What we're all about as a union...Fairness, Equality, Pride."

Bert Olmstead, Journeyman,
Local 586, Ottawa

It's a win-win situation."

Bob Sanscartier. Contractor,
Bolton Electric, Ottawa

Everybody's treated the same, everybody's treated equal."

Kurt Metz, Dispatcher
Local 586, Ottawa

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Below is a list of frequently asked questions posed to IBEW Local 586 Ottawa from non-union electricians.

1. Tired of working long hours with no overtime pay?

Fact: The existing Collective Agreement is a 36 hour work week with double time after 8 hours, Monday through Thursday and after 4 hours on Friday or 4 days per week, Monday to Thursday, 9 hours per day. Both Saturday and Sunday are double time.

2. Fed up with being paid less than half of what you’re worth?

Fact: The current total wage package for a journeyman electrician is $52.32 per hour. Apprentices are paid based on a percentage of the journeyman rate. This starts at 40% for a first year and escalates to 80% for a fifth term apprentice.

3. Have you started thinking about the fact you will receive little or no pension from your present employer?

Fact: A journeyman receives $6.63 per hour towards his pension. This translates into pension credits worth approximately $12,000.00 per annum. This is deposited into your own registered defined benefit pension account. Apprentices pensions are pro-rated based on the above noted percentages.

4. If you are married or in the process of starting a family, doesn’t life insurance become important?

Fact: Every member of the IBEW Local 586 Ottawa whether a journeyperson or registered apprentice receives a $100,000 life insurance policy after working 6 weeks for one of our over 100 signatory contractors.

5. Are major medical, prescription drugs, and a dental plan something you should be thinking about to help secure your entire family’s health?

Fact: The IBEW Local 586 Health and Welfare plan is second to none in offering the best healthcare coverage available in the construction industry. If you have a health plan with your present employer, I would challenge you to compare its value to that of our plan. With over 1300 members in the plan our rates and coverage cannot be duplicated. Our Health and Welfare booklet is available to you at your request.

6. Does a guaranteed pre-negotiated pay raise every year appeal to you?

Fact: On May 1st of every year, you will receive a pay raise, which has been negotiated, on your behalf through our construction industry leading no strike/no lockout Collective Bargaining process which takes place every three years. The average increase over the past six years has been in excess of $1.25 per hour.

7. Does free educational training in the electrical field such as fire alarm, motor control, codebook, estimating courses etc. appeal to your individual desire to enhance your overall trade knowledge?

Fact: We offer a wide range of training courses at our education training centre located at 1178 Rainbow Street in Gloucester. We have a full time Education Coordinator along with highly qualified instructors. All courses are 100% free of charge and we encourage every member to take advantage of our commitment to higher education.

8. Are you a labourer tired of empty promises about becoming a Ministry approved apprentice?

Fact: Every new apprentice in the IBEW Local 586 is given a Contract of Apprenticeship signed by our Local Apprenticeship Committee and the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities before starting work on a construction site. It is against the law to do the work of an electrician or registered apprentice without being in possession of a Contract of Apprenticeship registered to your current employer. The IBEW Local 586 Ottawa was recently successful in lobbying the Ontario Liberal Government in their announcement of “on the spot ticketing” for this common place violation by law breaking unscrupulous electrical contractors. The fines are set at $195.00 for the unregistered worker and $295.00 for unprincipled employer.

9. How does the Union and its Contractors work together to forge a partnership for the good of the electrical industry?

Fact: As previously stated, the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers and The Electrical Contractors Association of Ontario have a no strike/no lockout agreement. This simply means we strive to work out issues together for the common good of both the worker and the employer. We are the only construction trade union, which does not go on strike. It is extremely important for our members and our union management to work in conjunction with its signatory contractors to maximize our efficiency and to continue to grow our market share.

10. Do you know any electricians or apprentices who work for, or in the past worked with any of the following companies?

Fact: All of the electrical contractors below were non-union within the past 4 years. The employees of the aforementioned companies, at the time were also non-members of the IBEW.

Drycore Electric TCS Electric City Wye’d Electric
DDC Electric Brookfield Lepage Accel Electric
Teraflex Utilities Bona Management Lefebvre Electric
Direct Energy SBL Electric Bonneville Electric
Cyber Electric Gastier Electric Bridlewood Electric
Toban Electric Diotte Electric Portt Electric
ATS Electric Dual Electric J.R.V. Electric
Commercial Electric SC Automation Dual-Aide Electric
Regulvar Electric Mainville Electric Polebec Electric
Mega Ohms Electric Revenco Electric









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